Dynamic iframe reloads the application when it charges


I am quite new to meteor… and i just came up with this problem… lets see if someone can help me, i tried searching but nothing worked…

I am working with angular 2, and the problem is that i use an http to request to a server… and then i get the response (which is an url), and then i try to create an iframe… and then every time the app restarts, any ideas?

i already tried in 2 ways:

  $('body').append('<iframe  src="' + evt+ '" style="position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; height: 100%; width:  100%" /></iframe>');
  $(window).on('message', function() {


  var iframe = document.getElementById("unique");
  iframe.src = evt;

also tried playing with the BrowserPolicy package

I would really appreciate the help! It would be a pitty that something so stupid like this, stopped me from doing the app in meteor:(