Dynamic script executions

Is it possible to include script tags when executing HTML in Blaze using the {{{}}} tags? Pretty new to meteor, and came from an C++ and assembler background.

I am creating a very simple form builder to allow me to quickly create layouts with the source code to be used in my projects. Most of the components (text boxes etc) works fine, but since I write the HTML source to mongo it seems components that requires the script initialization are ignore.

For example, the layout allows me to specify the parameters quickly, and add it to the form:

If I add text boxes it appear on the visual builder, allowing me to visualize the form. However, I have an HTML control using tinymce which needs an init of a script to execute on a specifically named Div. Using {{{}}} on the form only seem to execute the html tags, and not the script tags. The tinemce editor doesn’t show if I do it this way. In the call stack it seems the script is not executed.

I hope this makes sense.