Dynamic sort field in a query

I have a helper that returns the following:

posts: function() {
   return Posts.find({}, {sort: {createdAt: 1}});

I want to change the sort field and the sort direction when an event occurs.
Something along:

'click #posts': function() {
'click #name': function() {
'click #votes': function() {


 return Posts.find({}, {sort: { "sort.get()": 1}});

This of course does not work.
The straightforward solution would be to use a switch statement with different queries, but that seems kind of ugly.
Any suggestions for a more elegant approach?


try this instead

var sortby = {};

sortBy[sort.get()] = 1

return Posts.find({}, {sort:sortBy});
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Well, the idea is correct. You need to do something like this:

var sort = new ReactiveVar({});
var posts = new ReactiveVar();

// On click
sort.set({ createdAt: 1 });

Tracker.autorun(function () {
  posts.set(Posts.find({}, { sort: sort.get() }));

// In template helper
return posts.get()

I’m on my phone and couldn’t test it, but it should be enough to get an idea. Hope it helps :blush:

thanks for the fast replies :blush:

So what exactly worked? I’m not sure where to put the tracker, and I’m getting errors if I don’t have random reactive vars and sessions in my events and helper

@fvg @godo15

Apparently you’d use tracker outside the helpers- as those are reactive-, but neither method appears to work. There’s also subscription method that you could run where publish takes parameter of the field, but I doubt that it will really translate into your db.collection.find() helper, although that would be the more to the point method.

Session variable can help you too ! :smiley:

Im guessing you could pick columns to sort with in here

This will work for single variable with session get.