Dynamically add/remove methods at runtime

Is it possible to add/remove methods after startup ?

Not in an official way. Why would you want to remove methods? This seems to me like a smell that you’re trying to do something you shouldnt do

Can you share the use case, when you are requiring it. happy to help you.

It should be easy enough to make a generic method that can delegate work based on the parameters:

import {thingDoer} from './thingDoer.js'

  genericMethod(action, ...params) {
    switch(action) {
      case 'DO_THING1': {
      ///... etc

To make it dynamic, you could save action / function pairings in a Map and fetch the required function using the action parameter. The Map can then be modified at runtime

In case anyone else needs it; take a look at Meteor.server.method_handlers