Dynamically getting data for a selected option using the option value

I am looking for advice on good practices for grabbing additional data from a selected option. Please see below for an example of what I have so far (with non-important code left out):

getMeteorData() {
  let subscription = Meteor.subscribe('manageLocations');
  return {
    isLoading : ! subscription.ready(),
    locations :   Locations.find().fetch()
addLocation() {
  let newLocationId = ReactDOM.findDOMNode(this.refs.location).value.trim();
    myLocations : this.state.myLocations.concat([{
      id : newLocationId
<Select ref="location">
  <Option value="">Select a Location</Option>
  {this.data.locations.map((location, index) => {
    return <Option key={index} value={location._id}>{location.name}</Option>;
<Button onClick={this.addLocation}/>
{this.state.myLocations.map((location, index) => {
  return <LocationEntry key={index} location={location}/>;

My objective is to dynamically create a list of My Locations with React. I am selecting a location from a select drop-down (populated from DB) then hitting an add button, which fires the addLocation function. It’s very limited at the moment because I am trying to work out the best way to grab the location name of my added location and pass that into state so it will show in my list of locations that I am personally selecting.

I’ve thought that I would need to do another database call in the addLocation method, maybe Locations.findOne(idOfSelectedLocation).fetch() and then I could grab the name that way, but I am wondering if I could avoid that extra database call.

Thanks guys.