Dynamically inserting a template into a IonPopup

  'click [data-action="showReviewPopup"]': function(event, template) {
      title: 'Leave a review',
      templateName: 'reviewPopup',
      //template : '...contents of reviewPopup.html'

I’m trying to show rateit inside an IonPopup. The popup works, however nothing gets inserted into the popup body.

if I try to use the template option instead and set it to

<template name="reviewPopup">
    {{#if currentUser}}
        Rating: {{> rating}}

<template name="rating">
    <div class="rateit"></div>

(which is in a file called reviewPopup.html in my code, and is the basic code from the rateit example)

<template name="reviewPopup">{{#if currentUser}}Rating: {{&gt; rating}}{{/if}}</template>

just gets put into the dom, not rendered as a template as I would like.

In addition, no matter what I try, I can’t get Template.rating.rendered to get called:

Template.rating.rendered = function () {