Easiest to learn: Ampersand or Meteor

Ampersand being based of backbone that requires some framework specific knowledge without necesserily making things easier, I must ask if besides reactivity and possible SEO troubles on ampersand I would like to start of in ampersand?

Also if I’m really not developing so much of a interactive app that would warrant client side app can I do anything about it like expected it loose essence and nature to let me load up like more important stuff first or something if there’re lots of images atop of that>

Meteor with Blaze is super easy to learn. It’s full stack so there’s nothing else to learn. It’s JavaScript, so there’s nothing else to learn. If you want to use Angular or React with it, that’s not difficult either. Go through the official simple-todos tutorial on meteor.com and you’ll be well on your way to writing just about anything you want.