EBUSY: resource busy or locked

I was starting a new project and added some TypeScirpt libraries and from this point on I continue to get this dreaded error every time I run the application:

Error: EBUSY: resource busy or locked, symlink ‘C:\Users\asosa\AppData\Local.meteor\packages\es5-shim\4.8.0\npm\node_modules\es5-shim’ -> 'C:

I’ve uninstalled Meteor by deleting the C:\Users\asosa\AppData\Local.meteor folder and then running the “choco install meteor” command.

I’ve also delete the application and after I installed Meteor i would recreate a new application with the command “meteor create someAppName”.

What is interesting is that everytime that I run meteor the BUSY or Lock error is pointing to a different file.

This is beyond frustrating. I was about to start a new project and was about to use React Native but decided to revert to Meteor. However things like this really make me nervous.

So basically my environment is shot. I can’t run any meteor apps on it. Not sure what broke.