Eclipse IDE for Meteor developement


I am not able to find out any support from google to use Eclipse IDE for meteor application development. Can any one suggest on the same?

Veeresh V.

TBH, I’ve seen nobody here on the forums who uses this combination. Eclipse is such an overweighted monster, most people seem to use either Atom, WebStorm, Sublime, or Visual Studio Code.

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Thanks for the information. I have used sublime text editor. I am not able to do the server side debugging. is there any other way to debug server side code.

Veeresh V.

Have you tried meteor debug?

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Yes, I have tried in Sublime.

Not sure about the Sublime integration, but I am using meteor debug in the browser. Kinda works, but is very slow.

Ok. Kinda I have not tried. I Will try with Kinda. Actually, Web storm is good to use. But the license cost is high. So, We are looking for any free IDE with debug option on server side.


We are planning to use Visual Studio Code. have you tried this?

No really. I am using Atom. But there’s a lot of people using it in this forum.

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I agree. Most of the people suggesting the same. But if I install atom in my system its getting struck.

Any how I will try with Atom. Thank you very much.

Visual Studio Code:

@veeresh3936 For an on-going vscode vs. atom debate, check out:

@waldgeist Just a heads up, meteor debug is about to get a LOT better in Meteor 1.6 - we’re almost there!


That sounds awesome!