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I am a newcomer to meteor (2 weeks)… but i have a lot experience in javascript. I begin to understand the ecosystem and only i wanted to share my feelings at the begining with meteor, especially when i leave the oficial guide and the documentation.

  • Links broken: I feel frustration when I see links of demos broken in Almost all of them.
  • Packetes and deprecated projects. In github is easy to find forgotten projects. I have tried many of them and not work with the current version Meteor. ( a lot of versions in few time)
  • Videos, articles and books. Almost all the videos, articles and books that you can find are obsolete, and have few months.

Does anyone else have the same caos feeling?


Isn’t that the case with pretty much every long-lasting framework, such as rails? And especially for JavaScript technologies.


I feel like anyone with experience in JS has to be used to the churn by now, and abandoned repos are certainly not unique to Meteor projects.

I typically won’t touch an article/tutorial/etc dated more than 6 months, and I feel that’s probably not a terrible cutoff for anything tech/web related these days. Also, MDG (and the community) have tried to make the guide an accurate, updated source of information.

If you stick to repos with recent activity, tuts and examples that were produced in the last few months, and the guide, you’ll be in good shape. Which I feel is advice that is pretty platform-agnostic…


Yes!!! You are very right and I could not agree with you more. Docs are a chaos. METEOR has changed like a lot in the past year. Almost can not recognize it. This is why most documentation out there is outdated. Tutorials are outdated. I did not see a tutorial with Meteor 1.3+ & React done right.

We are now in the process of creating rock-solid video-tutorials for large-scale enterprise Meteor Apps. We want to share our experience with the world. For free, because we just love Meteor. I’ll make sure to post them in the forums when they are ready. Current ETA is 15th November for the first 6 tutorials.

Any type of help is more than welcome. We begin filming next week.


Just wondering where you have problems with React + Meteor 1.3? The only special thing is Meteors reactivity which depends on Tracker, but there we have the “Meteor Container”, a pure data component which “sends” Meteors reactive data sources as props to your components ->


XTA is not necessarily about problems with React and Meteor, but more about architecture, and how to do certain common things.

For example it tooks a lot of time and trial and error to nail a propper App.jsx (main entry component for all routes), do Notifications right, handle NotAuthorized routes, and so many other things that are basic. Even stuff like Account system things in React. There’s nothing out there. But there will be. We are planning of making a part of our work for basic stuff open-source.

Our biggest challenge was linked data. We had to create a social network with messaging, live feeds, notifications and there’s a lot of linked data there. This is why we had to create our own library inspired by GraphQL, that makes it much easier:

We’ll make sure to do tutorials on that also. Cheers