Edgee:slingshot & HTTP Requests

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Meteor and also to coding in general. I have a question about the way edgee:slingshot uploads to Amazon S3.

My understanding is that the upload makes a HTTP POST request to S3 in order to upload a file (in this case an image) into a bucket. I confirm this via the Chrome console where upon upload I see two requests (preflight OPTIONS and POST). However in the S3 Console I see that the number of POST requests increases by 4 for each upload.

Can someone please explain why this is? Is it normal behaviour? I had no errors uploading.

Extra question: The number of GET requests also increased by 6 after the upload. The upload function returns the URL of the uploaded image. I did not do anything after the upload like store the URL in a page and view it. There are no GET requests to S3 in the Chrome console, so why is S3 counting GET requests? The bucket only had one file in it prior to my above upload, and that file is not served anywhere on my site.

Thanks for the help!

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