Edit app settings on Galaxy without re-deploying

Evening all,

I notice that the Galaxy roadmap was updated back in March stating that work had been completed to allow users to “Change Meteor settings from UI”.

Are they referring to the --settings settings or something else? If it’s the prior then that’s a game changer. No more hour long deploys just to change a setting!

I’ve had a poke around the portal but can’t see anything obvious…

Cheers guys

It’s in a weird spot - if you go in to the versions tab, and open the current version, you’ll find an edit button under the settings display. It makes sense once you find it. Took me a few tries to find it too!


You sir are a hero!!! Thank you

Very odd that under the main Settings tab you don’t have the option to change them, and the info caption states that you have to redeploy to update them…

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