Ekko Forever launches private alpha - and seeks part time meteor developer


Ekko Forever ( http://www.ekkoforever.com ) is a Meteor project trying to create a dignified and unique way of sharing stories about people who have passed away. We are currently launching our initial MVP as a private alpha, and are seeking to add an experienced Meteor.js developer to our team. We chose Meteor.js for our product because I believe in the mission of Meteor and wanted Ekko Forever to benefit from the agility of the system, even if the service didn’t need this level of client-side magic for our MVP. And also like magic, Meteor was released in 1.0 just as we got started.

Ekko Forever is a service that on the technical side seeks to continuously make new ways to visualize past lives, and connecting them in unique ways. In essence, we want to celebrate life by creating new ways to remember, share and inspire. Initially our MVP focuses on the “simple” stuff: social story sharing, map views, list views, automated shareable legacy films, and physical posters to commemorate lives. Later we hope to expand into other more advanced ways to connect physical space to digital space for our shared stories.

A short introductory video can be found on our sign-up page:


Ekko Forever is developed by a Norwegian company, with our initial developer-team in Serbia. The company is lead by Eddie D’sa, a long time ad agency CEO, and Product is lead by Joakim Vars Nilsen, a long time marketing strategist and entrepreneur. The development is managed by myself.

If you are interested in joining our team as a part time Meteor expert and advisor, please contact me on vegard@mimeo.no or here on the forum. In the mean time, I’ll update my profile here to let you know a bit more about myself.

And if you are interested in taking a look at Ekko Forever, please sign up, and help us mold it into the best product.

This is not the right place for posting your ads

Pretty sure Meteor showcases and job postings have always been allowed here… (though you may find better luck at http://www.weworkmeteor.com/)


Thanks for the comments, I’ll check out weworkmeteor!

Not really sure why it isn’t. The meteor community will deteriorate if you only can post these things on job boards. To be honest, on job boards 90% of all applicants are total idiots that barely read the job description. I’ve had horrible results with weworkmeteor for developers. I’d much rather read a good story on meteor.com and find inspiration to join a team there (if I’d be in a position to join any team).


This is the perfect place to post this ad :stuck_out_tongue: I recommend weworkmeteorin addition to posting here.