Electrometeor - Desktop Applications w/ Electron + Meteor

I know there’s been some talk recently about desktop applications with Meteor, so I’ve been working on this project here:


on GitHub: https://github.com/sircharleswatson/Electrometeor

Let me know what you guys think and if you have any suggestions for improvement!


Was trying out Electron the other day and one thing I’d like to do is to run the server along with the client. Do you think that would be possible?

Electrometeor does just that! It works 100% offline :slight_smile:

Oh great! That solves to much for me. Thank you

I’ll try it out. Anything I can help with? I’m on Windows and building is only Mac now

If you want to work on a script that will build for windows, that would be awesome :slight_smile: I don’t have a windows machine and my mac doesn’t have enough room left for a windows VM. I really need to get a bigger hard drive lol 128gb is not enough :stuck_out_tongue:

You can also write shell scripts with JavaScript :wink: https://github.com/arturadib/shelljs. Might be useful to get Windows support without having separate scripts.

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That sounds great! I’ll try that out :slight_smile:

can I help you with the linux version? Maybe I can also find a windows laptop somewhere.

this looks very interesting and might save me a bunch of time :smile:

I was just about to start using https://github.com/frozeman/meteor-build-client with electron to build a client version that i can connect to a hosted meteor app i have built already.

So when you say 100% offline, are we able to add a server url like when building a cordova bundle?

You can definitely connect it to a remote server, but that will require more development. I haven’t added a simple way to do that. (For now at least). I just started a new Full-Time job with Meteor so I haven’t had time to work on Electrometeor lately. I’ll be adding more features as I get settled in to my job.

@sircharleswatson what would it take for it to connect to a remote server? Maybe one of us can write it

Its something I need for a project, but ive had to move to using a separate codebase and this http://meteorpedia.com/read/DDP_Clients#JavaScript

Hmm, I didn’t understand why we need this ?
From a technical point of view, it sounds great. But why ?

@doedel we dont need it. I was scratching an itch I had and I wanted to share it with others. Most applications do not need it. I just wanted something that would work completely independent of an internet connection.

Cloud you share with us how to connect with remote server???
I tried to modify the dist.js to build a meteor with remote server url.
exec(meteorCommand + ’ build --directory …/. --server remote_server_url’);
But it was still connected to localhost.

@sircharleswatson how often do you plan to update this?

Hey @larry I’ve been very busy with work and a side project I’m working on (As well as the busyness that comes with being married) so I haven’t had any time to work on this. I most likely won’t be updating anything for a while unless its a quick update of the electron version used.


Thanks for this great package!
One question tho, how would I access modules like the renderer’s IPC module, so I can fire events to Electron’s main process from blaze template?

Is there some kind of API for bridging it?

Edit: oh nevermind, I think I got it. :smiley:

Could you please elaborate how have you done it ? Im trying to use electron in my renderer process but im failing.

const electron = require('electron');

it’s always returning error: couldn’t find module electron