Electron. Holy crap. ELECTRON

I just discovered this today. Hopefully there are some of you who were also completely oblivious to it until right now, because I kinda enjoy spreading that joy of discovering new awesome things. :wink:

So yeah, Electron!

And of course, the gears were turning and I naturally thought, Hey, I wonder if I could combine Electron with Meteor.

Yes, you can. (shout out to @sircharleswatson)

I tried to take things a step further and wire up React, but it failed. I’m sure it’s doable, and that I was just doing something wrong.

Anyway, spread the knowledge! And if anyone knows of other ways to use Meteor to build desktop apps, I’d love to hear about it.


Oh wow, I’ve never even heard of that! :open_mouth:

Would be crazy cool to just have this as a meteor platform like meteor add-platform ios.

E.g. meteor add-platform desktop

Me want!


Dude meteor add-platform desktop would be long drawn dream fulfilled. So excited for the future.


Thanks for the mention @ffxsam

Also, just so you guys know, a couple people want to help me make ‘meteor add-platform desktop’ a reality. We are beginning work on that today.


Oh wow, thats awesome to hear!
Will you use Electron or something similar for that?

Wish you all the best for this project!

i think it will continue to use Electron. Unless a better solution is presented.

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I’ve personally tried a few things to make desktop work. But have only succeeded in leaderboard app using this.

I’ve tried electron too but I am was not experienced enough to make it a dream come true…

@sircharleswatson Please make it work!

Looks some awesome technology there, and adding as a platform would be epic!

@sircharleswatson How can people help? get invovled?

How does this compare to Node Webkit?

Yes, I agree, an integration like meteor add-platform desktop would be great, but maybe it’s easier with a platform that’s already using Node.js as its own basis. But maybe Electron does use Node.js as well, haven’t digged deep enough into the docs. Anyway, thanks for sharing this.

EDIT: It’s already stated on the homepage that it’s using Node.js and Chromium as well. Cool.

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I could see it as more specific as it is with ios/android:

meteor add-platform mac-desktop
meteor add-platform windows-desktop
meteor add-platform linux-desktop

I wonder if MDG would officially get involved?


We’re looking into the possibilities of getting in it but it’s just a thought at this point. I do still want to make it as easy to use as possible, even if it doesn’t get into core.


Pair that with Phone Gap for mobile and the ubiquity of web browsers in general, and JavaScript might be the first real language to make good on Java’s original promise:

Write once; Run everywhere.



How does this compare to Node Webkit?

See their docs on Technical differences to NW.js (formerly node-webkit)


Thanks for this link!

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And then we’d have 4 platforms!

  1. Web
  2. iOS
  3. Android
  4. Desktop

What a world that would be!

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It’s actually more than 4 platforms, as Desktop would comprise Windows, Mac, and Linux at least. What a crazy world of opportunities…

I am submitting a PR to meteor to add the desktop platform. It’s actually almost done. It’s similar to the mobile client-only build.
Hope they accept it…


WOW! @corvid keep us posted :smile:



I recently gave a Devshop talk about building a very simple Dropbox clone using Meteor and Electron: https://goo.gl/uxx9RH


Can you post the link to your PR (i couldn’t find it) as i’d love to test out your branch.