Elm:make use elm inside Meteor


This package lets you build Elm inside your Meteor Package.

I’m also writting elm:meteor, which provides Elm bindings for Meteor. It’s pretty hard, since Meteors APIs aren’t pure nor functional. I could use some help with that. :slight_smile:


How is this coming along? Has anyone recently (or otherwise) successfully deployed an Elm + Meteor app?


Well elm:make is pretty much done. But I’ll need to deploy a version for Elm 0.17.1. I haven’t worked on elm:meteor for a while. But I think implementing it in 0.17 would be a lot easier. I’m planning to do some work on it next month. It doesn’t look like I’ll be able to get it to a place where you can actually develop Meteor apps with it soon. Of course you can write GUI’s just using elm:make, but you’d have to write a load of JS to wire the GUI to Meteor.

But I’m kinda searching for help with elm:meteor. So if you’re interested, just say the word!