Email Piping ( getting / intercepting / retrieving)

I’d like to perform email “piping” with Meteor. Is that at all possible? If it is, what would all be involved to set that up? I’ve set up email piping on some of my sites because the hosting provider supports it. I used PHP to intercept the email.

Ultimately, I’d like to be a “middle man” to keep users emails private but still allow them to communicate via messages back and forth to one another without having one user know the other user email.

Can it be done with Meteor?

Try mailgun, that works fine and calls an api on your side which makes it relatively easy. I would not try to do it yourself unless it’s really a core functionality since e-mail is complex in practice.

I highly recommend mandrill for this… do not waste your time implementing your own solution when there are good and affordable solutions available … mandrill does not charge for inbound emails!

The first 10k emails are free for every mailgun account.

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