Email.send does not return



I’m trying to get return value from SMTP server after sending an email but Email.send returns undefined on success.
It seems to me the problem is here:

This method should probably return the value, and consequently Email.send as well that same value.

nodemailer describes callback params here:

I would like to be able to access info object described in the link above.
Am I missing something, is there a way to get this info object?



Unless I’ve missed something, I think you’re right. If you want that response, the code looks like it needs return smtpSend(transport, options); here and return transport._syncSendMail(mail); here.

You could always submit a PR.


Thanks for the fast response!

Yes, those 2 lines exactly are the problem. Just checked here first to be sure, I will submit a PR.

PR is here