Email with a Meteor app?

How would you get email working with your domain on a server with a deployed Meteor app?

What did not work from the manual? Just enter SMTP credentials and it starts working. On Free meteor hosting it even works by itself via Mailgun as described in the manual of Email.

If you want to setup more things try

Well i know that would work for sending simple emails, but what about receiving emails at your domain? With a regular website and hosting provider, they usually have an email service where you can just add users and start receiving emails at that address, and can log into the service to view the emails or foward them to another address. How would this be done on a server hosting a Meteor application?

Reading through the site it talks mostly about using their api to send emails, what about receiving them?

This question has been asked a few times on here but there havent been any solutions.

You will not get e-mail facilities with the free hosting of Meteor. Buy a domain somewhere to get that.

…? Not at all what im asking about.

@orbyt - You’ll have to explain more what you mean then, because I read the same thing that lucfranken did - you want to receive emails - which requires an email server and a domain with its MX record pointed to that server.

Meteor hosts meteor apps not mail servers.

I’ll rephrase my question: For those who have meteor apps deployed on their own servers (via Heroku, Modulus, DO, whatever), how are you handling incoming mail at your domain?

We use local hosting providers or for example Google Apps. Just point the DNS to it and it works. Before when we used a lot of PHP etcetera we normally got a full package hosting from a local provider. That would include e-mail also then. With this kind of apps we don’t do that.

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Same answer. You basically have 3 choices:

  1. Install a mail server (such as PostFix), register a domain, and point
    its MX record at your mail server.

  2. Register a domain with a company (such as Go Daddy or Network Solutions)
    and use the mail hosting they provide.

  3. Signup for Google Apps or MS mail account, register a
    domain, and point its MX record at your their mail server.