Embed app breaks on Safari #7246


Hi Guys,

I’m running the latest Meteor version. This is my scenario. I have an Meteor App. think of Disqus, So I embed a link ‘http://local.dev:3000’ to a webpage in ‘http://localhost:8000

The emebed works and function as expected on every other browser. But On safari I get this error. I’m sure it’s a Meteor Issue because when I try to embed any other website from the internet it works alright on Safari. The website shows up ( if not blocked from the website provider ) without any error messages

I’m happy to provide any information you may need

Issue closed here https://github.com/meteor/meteor/issues/7246
Not much help here too http://stackoverflow.com/questions/37892500/only-safari-iframe-content-load-error?noredirect=1#comment63249515_37892500