Emergency MONGO subs/data is all gone

Hey all I am having an emergency, I was adding some stuff to my app and everything has been working perfectly, Im hosting on galaxy and all is well. All of a sudden after I do a deploy I am getting no data to my app from my mongo db either local or remote. I am not getting any errors and it starts my app just fine. I need help please I am freaking out this is an app in production.

Where is your mongodb hosted? Can you connect to your DB outside of meteor? Is any data there? Do you make backups of your data?

It wont even connect to my local db on my local machine :cry: I am freaking out…
I have the remote db on an aws instance.

I have backups and I can connect with robomongo its just my app wont connect all of a sudden and Im not getting any errors…

How is a galaxy hosted application supposed to connect to your local db? Or do you mean the local app is not connecting?

Did you change anything in your code? Did you remove/add packages?

The local app isnt connecting to the local db

No and Im not getting any errors.

so it suddenly stopped working without you doing anything? Difficult to help without more information.

I was changing some minor code and doing a deploy, all of a sudden I cant see any of my data its like my app cant connect to it anymore?

I didnt add any packages or anything

but I can see it in robomongo with remote and local

Roll back the minor code change and see what happens.

There really isn’t anything more anybody will be able to tell you without any code examples.

Galaxy should be showing errors in the logs if it is unable to connect to the database.

Its not man and neither is my local

someone please help me figure this out? Can anyone do a screen share or google hangout or something??

If you can’t connect locally either, it must be something you added in your most recently commits. I would just roll back until you get it working again, then you can gradually add in your new code until you figure out what is breaking it.

can I do rollbacks in galaxy?

I think if you rollback locally, then do your meteor deploy command it will push whatever version you currently have in your local project folder. I think. I haven’t done it before.

I would make sure your local rollbacks fix the issue first before push up to galaxy.