Emergent consensus protocols, distributed ledgers for real-time apps


I haven’t posted here in a while, but I think the community here would be interested in this video. Lately, the blockchain space has been interesting for a lot of the same reasons that made Meteor interesting. There are some incredibly smart people out there working on building real-time app platforms on top of peer-to-peer technology. This is interesting because you get security and scaling done for you, by the users of the app. Meteor’s client-side, distributed processing vision can come true, but I am feeling that Meteor’s approach is becoming outdated.

Another interesting project is Lisk, which aims to create a decentralized platform entirely in javascript (from the daemons to the clients and the browsers).


‘runs in sandbox on the end user’…

Seems like blockchain on Javaspaces/Gigaspaces - to my mid a step back, not forward.

Lisk however is a thing :-).


I disagree, I think the underlying technology and math is the value here,
not their implementation choice. Any good idea can be implemented in any
language. Disliking Java isn’t a good enough reason to dislike hashgraph.

Hashgraph was implemented in go as well. It has nothing to do with Java. :rofl:


Not at all hating on Java… just foreseeing impediments to mass adoption of this implementation.
Thanks for posting it anyway as I’ll look into the algo’s another time.