Emmerge/graviton and angular-meteor


I am trying to use graviton together with Angular-meteor, but - being new to meteor - I don’t get the items of a graviton collection showing up .

What I do is basically to

  • define a collection with “Persons = Graviton.define(‘persons’);” and populate it with 3 entries

  • publish everything as "Meteor.publish(“persons”, function () { return Persons.find({}) });

  • and in the angular controller use it as $scope.persons = $meteor.collection(Persons); $scope.$meteorSubscribe(‘persons’);

  • in the view use ng-repeat=“person in persons”

As a result I can see a list with 3 entries, but the person.name is empty / blank

Any idea?


With the new Angular Meteor 1.3 API it should be easier and more similar to the Blaze examples.
Let me know if that helped you