Empty white screen after upgrading to 1.8.1

After upgrading to version 1.8.1 and running ‘meteor’, I see an empty screen when I go to localhost:3000

Do you see anything in the console in the browser?

I solved it by running:
meteor add cultofcoders:persistent-session


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This is the correct solution, I had the same problem. BE CAREFUL, a lot of older Meteor plugins are now dead.

But also Meteor doesn’t need those plugins :slight_smile:

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from which version of meteor were you upgrading ?

from which version of meteor this persistent-session became necessary ?

I have no idea…

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It actually isn’t a necessary package. It’s a hack, really. It allows you to use session variables quick and easily, but isn’t updated any more.

So in Meteor 1.5+ I think, it completely breaks.

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