Enable new javascript features with babel in meteor projects

Hi, is there a way to enable new Javascript in meteor Projects or to explicitly use a babelrc file to enable new stuff in js?

Thanks for the link, actually I’m more interested in stuff which came after ecmascript2015.
And second I would like to use babeljs if thats possible to customly use what babeljs is capable of.
e.g. class decorators → @babel/plugin-proposal-decorators · Babel

Does anyone know something except the documented stuff from meteor?



Yes .babelrc files work with Meteor and will be merged with the default config.

The best docs are on the babel-compiler package itself: meteor/packages/babel-compiler at master · meteor/meteor · GitHub


For example, to enable the Babel transform that supports class properties, you should

  1. run meteor npm install --save-dev babel-plugin-transform-class-properties
  2. put the following in a .babelrc file in the root of your project:

{ “plugins”: [“transform-class-properties”] }

So you can totally install the decorators plugin and use it

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