Encourage developers to use npm packages instead of atmosphere

The reason for me writing this is that I read through the roadmap and stumbled over this headline: https://github.com/meteor/meteor/blob/devel/Roadmap.md#full-transition-to-npm

The status claims:

We encourage publishing Meteor-related packages to npm where possible. We are investigating ways to make it possible to move some parts of Meteor core onto npm without making the installation process more complex.

I see the reason why these packages cannot be deleted from atmosphere, but can we please announce this, that packages, which purely wrap an npm package should publish a new version which sorely adds a console.warn() where it states that this package is outdated and the user should switch to the NPM package instead?

We could maybe start with the packages managed by meteor itself, which include:

Another package I found on my way is:

I know this would raise tons of warnings here and there, but would also bring us rapidly closer to the goal. People who still want to use the old version can just add a fixed dependency on the version before introducing this warning.

Just some ideas to speed up the progress of the roadmap :slight_smile:

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I do not think this is feasible for some packages like jquery and underscore since they are still depended on by some core packages. Until the modernization efforts are finished and those core packages are removed from core packages or use npm this would just raise warnings that developers couldn’t fix in their apps.
The other solution is to flag those packages on atmosphere so when devs are looking for them there they would see that the packages is outdated.