Encrypted email using accounts-password

Hi everyone! i want email to be encrypted too. I am using accounts-password. Is there any way to do this automatically from this package? Thanks.

No, accounts-password does not support this. There are many reasons why, but I think the most relevant would be how would you encrypt it and still be able to use it? You can’t encrypt it using a one way hash based technique like a password, as you would never be able to retrieve the actual email to use in your system. In which case you’d be looking to encrypt it by leveraging some sort of shared secret or public/private key system, which is definitely outside the scope of the accounts-password package.

@hwillson Ok. Thanks sir! As you said, I think i might use encryption that uses public/private keys. I don’t need one way encryption if there is no way to retrieve it on client side. Do you have any suggestion what encryption i will use? Thanks sir!