Enrollment and Verification

The answer is probably going to be obvious but what is the difference between Enrollment and Email verification? Thanks.

With email verification the user account is accessible with their password prior to verification, the email just changes the ‘verified’ flag in their account.

Email enrolment creates the account and sends an email similar to the verification one, but the intent is that the user will then set their desired password.

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Ok - thanks. I was using email verification but preventing them from logging in until the email was verified. I should just be using enrollment.

Something to note, I used enrolment for my last app.

It worked perfectly for me because I was manually setting up accounts and just sending the enrolment emails out to the users. I would imagine if you are asking users to sign up - then the enrolment step does break the typical registration process.

Yeah - I got to thinking that. In fact I’m starting to rethink requiring email authentication before they can use the app. I want people to jump in and try it out. They can authenticate their email when they get around to it.

Sorry to bring up an old thread, but am I right in thinking that if a user is created via one of the social services, then a password is not created for them (unless you hook into the Accounts.onCreateUser method and generate one on their behalf).

It makes sense to me to encourage every user to have a password, even if they initially sign up with a social service. Would it therefore make sense to send an enrolment email when the service is not password.

Further more, does successful enrolment trigger email verification? If they’ve clicked the link in the enrolment email it’s conceptually the same as clicking a link in the verification email no?

My app is designed to limit interaction by the user if they are not ‘verified’. I’m including the requirement of a password for this, not just a verified email address.