Enterprise grade meteor (backend), react (frontend) and Devops

Dear friends and coders,

I am novice and hobby coder and recently I started working on my idea.
While researching the best practices for a production app, I came across https://www.meteor-tuts.com.
The whole tutorial is so professionally written and my whole idea of designing the backend got a new perspective after reading this. May be this is a common knowledge for most of you, but it was a revelation for me.
Now my question is, do you know of any site which gives a detailed best practices for -

  • Best practices, dos & dont’s for front end, specially on react.
  • Dev Ops
    • What are the best practices for continuous development and delivery
    • How to design your dev, test and prod environments
    • How to work with versioning, staging, rollout etc…

Or could someone list out the best practices you are following.



Clever Beagle is a good resource. It walks you through a lot of the set up and recommended workflows, lots of code examples. The starter is available on github. And Ryan Glover’s a decent guy, which is always nice.

(I would recommend taking a look at validated methods in the Meteor Guide as well. Taking a quick look at pup, it looks like it uses Meteor.method(), which is fine, but validated methods give you some nice extras.)

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The best practices regarding devops you’ll find these days are largely based around kubernetes. However, I’d advice against this if you’re a single novice developer. Kubernetes is a large and complex system usually dealt with by entire experienced devops teams. If you’re a single developer I think the best practice for devops is to ignore all this and do whatever is easiest for you so you have to spend as little time on devops as possible.