Entry level. Using Meteor 1.3 with Selenium End to End Testing


Could you please suggest solution for E2E testing (Selenium). That is well supported with documentation and examples. I will start from the beginning, so good documentation base is highly appreciated. I saw Chimp, but it looks like more complicated for me compared to Nightwatch. Any suggestions please.


Disclosure: I’m one of the authors of Chimp

To use Nightwatch, start your Meteor app, then run Nightwatch to do end-to-end testing. You can use any Nightwatch docs out there. You might want to reach out to @awatson1978 for further resources.

To use Chimp, start Meteor, then run Chimp to do end-to-end testing (with Meteor specific features).

Chimp is basically a test runner. It allows to use Mocha / Jasmine / Cucumber.js with Webdriver.IO. If you are familiar with those, the complication goes away. If not, then you might want to learn those first.

Both Webdriver.io and Nightwatch use Selenium. So you can make choice based on your preference of the API etc.

Hope that helps


Thank you!

I think Chimp is great framework. Now I see why it was harder to understand examples. I have used Selenium WebDriver before but without connection to one of those frameworks (Mocha / Jasmine / Cucumber.js). So your answer clarified what framework will be more suited to my needs.