Epoznamky.cz - my new app

Hello, i created my app on Meteor nad React, i will be happy for any feedback…

App: www.epoznamky.cz

logins nad passwords to use with app are :

test@test.com, 123456
test1@test1.com, 123456

Can you provide some testing credentials for everyone’s use?

login: test@test.com
password: 123456

login: test1@test1.com
password: 123456

Thanks. Not much to test for now, looks clean, but the icons placement needs to be fixed, they appear too high on my Firefox and Chrome (but especially Firefox).

Open Sans Light is a nice font, but the combination of regular white font with sky blue background of buttons provides pretty low contrast. Same with sky blue text and icons on white background.

Hey brother, I’d love to check out your app. A little new to this website though, how do I access your app?

Hi, please check the comment above, you will find logins and passwords, you can create new notes, edit, delete, and share the notes between users… thanks, looking forward to get your feedback

It’d probably be good to give a link to the app in the initial post, like:


Thanks, it´s there now

Very clean design. Nice functioning. Keep up the good work my man!

Thank you a lot, it helps me to improve

Thank you a lot Saldy :slight_smile:

Hi there,

I added a new functionality, it is under /kontakty route, and it is basically for backing up your contact list, in case of anything happens.

Again, it is possible to check it out under :

login: test@test.com
password: 123456

login: test1@test1.com
password: 123456

thank for feedback, regards, Marek