EROFS on running meteor


I am trying to run meteor on windows 7

when I run meteor, after long time of

extracting meteor-tool@1.5.1…

I got errors like below

{ [Error: EROFS: read-only file system, unlink ‘C:\Users\myID\AppData\Local\Temp\mt-1luv4f5’]
errno: -4043,
code: ‘EROFS’,
syscall: ‘unlink’,
path: ‘C:\Users\myID\AppData\Local\Temp\mt-1luv4f5’ }

I’ve unchecked read only on Temp folder but Somehow whenever I re-run or add new package
I encounter same kind of error and Temp folder becomes read-only again.

Any advice would be appreciated.


I imagine If I can change installation path somehow, I could be free from this problem. (because this system is running with various security programs, there could be some unknown hassles that I can not even imagine on default %USERPROFILE% path)

Is there a way to change this path on windows?