Err_connection_refused sockjs

I created a project with weather that worked well until yesterday.

Since then, can not register or login.

It works well locally, but no longer deployed on my AWS server.

console error:

access to website for test:

Works fine for me :man_shrugging:

Can you connect with your account or create a new one?

When i use mup setup :

Okay this does trigger the repeated connection attempts, though I’m not getting the connection refused, just stalling and retrying.

It’s very strange because it seems the initial connection was fine, and you can see the messages coming over the websocket, but when you make an accounts RPC method call it drops the session and keeps trying to establish new ones.

Is Meteor running behind nginx or a load balancer?

Is Meteor running behind nginx or a load balancer?

How to know that ?

Then as I said, locally everything works and then even in production everything worked well there are still a few days. :frowning:

Nobody ?
I’m starting to despair

Can you help me please, i see on site dont have error on register.