Error: Accounts.resetPassword is not a function

I have two methods.
“setPassword” works as expected,
“resetForgottenPassword” returns an error: “Exception while invoking method ‘resetForgottenPassword’ TypeError: Accounts.resetPassword is not a function.”

  'setPassword': function(newPassword) {
      Accounts.setPassword(this.userId, newPassword, { logout: false });
  'resetForgottenPassword': function(token, newPassword) {
      Accounts.resetPassword(token, newPassword);

How can in be? Documentation says that “resetPassword” is a function

It only exists on the client, and your method resetForgottenPassword might run on the server

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Yes, it runs on the server. I will try on the client.
It is strange that this is a client function, I would have it on the server. :slight_smile:

It works on the client. Thanks! :slight_smile: