Error Adding Kadira on Windows

I just tried installing Kadira in my app. The app already had Kadira but I had to overhaul it and when I went to re-add Kadira I received a notice:

While checking for meteorhakcs:kadira-binary-deps@1.2.1: error: No compatible binary build found for this package. Contact the package author...

Like I said I had Kadira running already on the app I built on this same Windows machine and it worked great. Is anyone else having an issue installing this package on a Windows machine?

This is pretty weird. You seems to get an older version of packages.
Try doing:

meteor add meteorhacks:kadira@2.21.0
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@arunoda that worked great. You may not know this answer but I’ll ask to get it out to see if anyone else knows, would I have been limited in the package version because of the Windows meteor package? I just downloaded the most recent installer, and before that I was using the most recent one, I’m wondering if when you run meteor update you’re limited based on your version of meteor? Regardless, thanks for the suggestion, I was able to get kadira back up!

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I’ve seen this on Linux as well. Couldn’t reproduce. Let’s see.

had the same problem mentioned in the op and solved using the same meteor add meteorhacks:kadira@2.21.0. linux ubuntu 15.10.