Error after updating meteor to 1.3

I have the exact problem as the OP.

But I’m on Ubuntu 14.04, not Windows.

Anybody can recommend a solution?

I uninstalled and reinstalled meteor, I now run it on Linux also.

something like:

rm -rf ~/.meteor

and also from your /local/bin directory, can’t remember where it installs by default then run the curl install command to get 1.3 and clean install. Worked for me.

I get similar error such as this when I try to run mongo db:

throw error;
Error: EINVAL, invalid argument
at new Socket (net.js:157:18)
at process.stdin (node.js:703:19)
at [as func] (C:\tools\cli\commands.js:1164:5)
at C:\tools\cli\main.js:1402:23

I tried uninstalling and removing all traces and installing again as you suggested but no luck. I’m running it on Windows 10.

Thank you