Error: Cannot find module '../../startup/client'

We have a really strange problem. The error we keep getting is:
Error: Cannot find module '../../startup/client'

But this file does exist. When we import it in other places it works fine too. When importing the file that imports /startup/client in other places all works too, but in one place where we import it it does not work. Any ideas why or how to debug this?

No extension? client.js?

The actual file is: '../../startup/client/index.js'

Get the same issue if I do:
Error: Cannot find module '../../startup/client/index.js'

Try with full path, /imports/… etc
the …/…/…/ easily gets out of hand :slight_smile:

Yeah… absolute path didn’t help either. I think the issue may be some circular imports. Need to sort out the file structure a little.