Error: Cannot find module

Hello, i’m having a error:

Error: Cannot find module './core/engine.js’
at require (packages/modules-runtime.js:123:19)
at meteorInstall.node_modules.embark.lib.index.js (packages/modules.js:357:14)
at fileEvaluate (packages/modules-runtime.js:197:9)
at require (packages/modules-runtime.js:120:16)
at meteorInstall.test.contract_spec.js (test/contract_spec.js:2:14)
at fileEvaluate (packages/modules-runtime.js:197:9)
at require (packages/modules-runtime.js:120:16)
at /home/ramiro/workspace/meteor-embark/.meteor/local/build/programs/server/app/app.js:69:1
at /home/ramiro/workspace/meteor-embark/.meteor/local/build/programs/server/boot.js:303:34
at Array.forEach (native)

that module exist and is in the path node_modules/embark/lib/core/engine.js so i don’t know why it didn’t find it. My guess is a problem with babel-runtime.

my dependencies:

“devDependencies”: {
“embark”: “^2.4.1”,
“mocha”: “^2.2.5”
“dependencies”: {
“babel-runtime”: “^6.23.0”,
“meteor-node-stubs”: “^0.2.6”

I would apreciate some help. I’m running meteor

With npm modules you have to start with the package name as the base of the path. Currently you are telling the import to look in the same folder as the file that is importing the module. I’m not sure using Embark this way is supported by the framework, but try something like this…

import Engine from 'embark/core/engine';

thanks for answer, but i think the problem was that embark was installed as a devDependencie insted of dependencies. I don’t know the difference but now it seems to be working.