Error deploying application: Connection error (connect ETIMEDOUT)

Is anybody experiencing timeout errors when deploy to *

The fact is that I have to try 2-3 times to get my app deployed. I suppose it’s a problem related to * workload, but I observed that deployment failures increased after I upgraded to 1.2.x.


I’m getting this too. I think it might be a problem on Meteor’s side…

I’m getting this too, sometimes it takes 4 or 5 tries…

Yep, geting the same issue…

Me too. And I haven’t been able to log in to my app the last day, not sure if it is connected.


Error deploying application: Connection error (connect ETIMEDOUT)

Error deploying application: Connection error (connect ETIMEDOUT)

I am having the same issue. I am on try #6 right now.

Is there anyone from MDG who can provide us any details about this issue?


This is getting annoying…

Maybe they want us not to use free * hosting option? :smiley:

Update: It’s working for me now. I didn’t do anything differently than before.

Still not working for me.
Bad thing is my distributed team at school was using this for our software project!
I guess we will need to figure out another hosting solution right away.

I think this is a Windows related issue – I was having the same issue running on Windows 10 since Monday and I was able to deploy from my MacBook today without issues. Afterwards I tried again on Windows and it was still not working.

There’s a GitHub ticket open here

I am also getting this problem