Error: ENOTEMPTY: directory not empty when installing aldeed_collection2-core-2.0.1'

Hi, I know this error has been posted in the forums several times, but it seems I’m not able to fix it this time.

I’m just trying to install my application in another Windows machine. I just copied all my project files and try to do:

  1. meteor npm install (works perfectly)
  2. meteor run (fails with above error message)

I suppose every meteor package installs fine because aldeed:collection2-core (2.0.1) is at the end of meteor/packages file. So, I tried to install that package specifically, but it again fails: \

  1. meteor add aldeed:collection2-core@=2.0.1 (fails with above error message)

I’m really kind of stuck and don’t know what to do next to solve this issue.
Any help would be really appretiated.

I forgot to say I upgraded my application to In the original windows PC everything runs fine. It is in the new windows PC that I can’t install (add) collection2-core, because of the above issue.

Many thanks and bye …

Well, I just did this:

and the issue is now fixed.

I must admit I was a little reluctant at first to modify meteor code, but really couldn’t find another way to fix the issue.

I think this fix should go into meteor itself, because otherwise we’d have to modify meteor code each time we create a new meteor app, which is not that often anyway.

So, many thanks and bye …