Error in browser: Clock discrepancy detected. Attempting re-sync


Hello everyone,

I am getting this error A LOT (to the tune of 1000 logs per 24h on Kadira). It doesn’t seem to be affecting anything, but it is still worrying me. I cannot find anything about it on Google. Does anyone have an idea what might be causing this and how to get rid of it? We are hosted on Modulus.


Likely from mizzao_timesync.js which is included when you add the mizzao:user-status package.


+1 same issue 20char


See the explanation here.


How to solve this???


I guess it is hacky, but I simply added the

package and then set

TimeSync.loggingEnabled = false;


Where to set on sever/client /lib


You set it on the client


Thank you for providing some statistics on that re-sync trigger for my package.

May I ask how many users you have over 24 hours to generate 1000 log messages? Maybe I should make that re-sync threshold more generous.


Around 20 concurrent users most of the time


Actually, that error probably comes up most of the time due to entering and exiting standby. So it doesn’t have much to do with how many active users there are. Anyway. thanks for the info.