Error in .meteor/packages/meteor-tool/ "define not defined"

I get this error message when running meteor in command line:

ReferenceError: define is not defined

I’m using the following packages (I assume it has something to do with my packages):

meteor-base             # Packages every Meteor app needs to have
mobile-experience       # Packages for a great mobile UX
mongo                   # The database Meteor supports right now
blaze-html-templates    # Compile .html files into Meteor Blaze views
session                 # Client-side reactive dictionary for your app
jquery                  # Helpful client-side library
tracker                 # Meteor's client-side reactive programming library

standard-minifiers      # JS/CSS minifiers run for production mode
# es5-shim                # ECMAScript 5 compatibility for older browsers.
# ecmascript              # Enable ECMAScript2015+ syntax in app code

# autopublish             # Publish all data to the clients (for prototyping)
# insecure                # Allow all DB writes from clients (for prototyping)

Any idea what’s causing it? This is coming from the meteor-tool package which is on the latest version and part of the standard meteor package

Meteor is version 1.2.1 and these are the versions for the packages installed (all up-to-date):

blaze-html-templates  1.0.1  Compile HTML templates into reactive UI with Meteor Blaze
jquery                1.11.4  Manipulate the DOM using CSS selectors
meteor-base           1.0.1  Packages that every Meteor app needs
mobile-experience     1.0.1  Packages for a great mobile user experience
mongo                 1.1.3  Adaptor for using MongoDB and Minimongo over DDP
session               1.1.1  Session variable
standard-minifiers    1.0.2  Standard minifiers used with Meteor apps by default.
tracker               1.0.9  Dependency tracker to allow reactive callbacks
twbs:bootstrap        3.3.6  The most popular front-end framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.

Thanks in advance!

Removed Bower and it’s working!!! Don’t ask me why

I’m guessing it’s because Bower is expecting AMD modules, which use define in their module format, and somehow that was failing because some files that were being loaded weren’t in AMD format.

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