Error initialising NPM - "NPM is not a recognised internal or external command" (Windows)

When attempting to initialize NPM for a new project via Windows cmd (typing: “init npm”) while in the project root folder, the error appears “NPM is not a recognized internal or external command” (Windows).

Meteor was installed in my Windows 8.1 Pro machine on 24/01/2018 using Chocolatey, so the installation files must be the latest released version.

Meteor is installed to: “C:\Users\Cothynet\AppData\Local.meteor” .

Project files located in: “D:\Meteorite\testapp” .

Any advice on getting NPM working correctly for Meteor would be very Welcome, thanks.



You are calling to NPM, if you haven’t installed it separately from Meteor then it will not work.
Try meteor npm init. This will call for the NPM version that comes with Meteor.

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To make the NPM Initialization command work on Windows, I had to type “meteor npm init” while in the project folder. The tutorial instruction “npm init” appears to be derived from a Linux based system (Mac), and won’t work on Windows. I am now familiar with such cmd variations that can occur.

Does not work on Windows (from the Meteor YouTube tutorial):

Works on Windows (must be in the project folder you want to initialise NPM for):

Now I have the NPM package initialised or the project.


This is also true for Linux and OSX as well as Windows. If you want to use, for example, npm init on any of those platforms, you first have to install them directly (not via Meteor).

However, Meteor comes bundled with npm and node.js at the correct versions for the version of Meteor your project uses. The way to ensure you use those versions is with meteor npm ... or meteor node ...

Long story short, use meteor npm inside your Meteor project :slight_smile:


Makes sense. Thank you very much for the information robfallows.

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