Error installing on windows

I have version 8.1.0 of node on my windows 10 computer. Im trying to install the current version of meteor (npm install -g meteor) and am getting a error on install. " reify:7zip-bin: timing reifyNode:node_modules/meteor/node_modules/tar" freezes. I had an earlier version of meteor installed that i have removed. Version 1.6 i believe. Any help would be appreciated.

99% of Windows / speed issues with Meteor are caused by anti-virus slowing down file operations, as there are A LOT of files involved in node apps.

I always add exclusions to Windows Defender for:

and the meteor folder at C:\Users%USERNAME%\AppData\Local.meteor\

This speeds up installs, updates, and builds by about 500%

Hope that helps!

Thank You, I added the exclusions and also ran with anti-virus turned off but I’m still experiencing the issue.

Hi, try with Node between 10 and 14.

We’ve updated the install instructions as well, to exclude Node.js 8, if you use a version of Meteor compatible with Node.js 8 it’s going to continue to work but not the installer. So you need to have a newer version of Node.js to install Meteor Install | Meteor API Docs

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Thanks - that was definitely the problem. I was using node 17 and npm 8.

Once I uninstalled node and reinstalled nodejs13.7 and downgraded npm to 6 it worked.
I got the 64bit MSI of nodejs 13.7 here
and downgraded npm with
npm upgrade -g npm@4

Thank You

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It gets stucked here when installing meteor @filipenevola