Error message when tried to start meteor

got this message, not sure what it means, any suggestions:

Problem! This project does not have a .meteor/release file. The file should
either contain the release of Meteor that you want to use, or the word 'none’
if you will only use the project with unreleased checkouts of Meteor. Please
edit the .meteor/release file in the project and change it to a valid Meteor
release or 'none

Have you installed meteor correctly? What OS are you using?

yes. I have been using it, but I moved the files around while running meteor and I was wondering if that may have caused the problem.

version 10.10 on mac

.meteor is a hidden folder. With atom you can view the folder. Create a new meteor project and copy the files over or unhide your hidden files on your mac.

tried to create a new project and got the same error. What is atom and how will viewing the meteor folder fix the problem? I tossed the older files, and replaced them with newer files, not sure why that would affect the running of meteor