Error: Package version not in catalog: allow-deny 1.0.0 ( wtf? I'm not using this package )

I’m runnin meteor 1.3. from the git checkout = 1.3-modules-beta.4 and I was running fine up until today evening where I get this error (even though I’m not using allow-deny package) ` While selecting package versions:
error: Package version not in catalog: allow-deny 1.0.0

While refreshing package catalog to resolve previous errors:
error: Network error: wss:// getaddrinfo EIO

Your application has errors. Waiting for file change `

Allow deny is currently a non removable dependency of the ‘mongo’ package, as a first step of splitting that functionality out.

hmm so how to avoid that error ?? stop using mongo ???

I think this is probably just a temporary error, you don’t need to remove any packages. Try running again, clearing the catalog, resetting your build, etc.