Error running: meteor run android

Hello! :smile:

I have a problem here, I install meteor on CentOS machine and when I run the command to run my application on android (meteor run android --verbose) I get the following error:

Getting installed version for platform android in Cordova project
Checking Cordova requirements for platform Android

Your system does not yet seem to fulfill all requirements to build apps for Android.

Please follow the installation instructions here:

Status of the requirements:
✓ Java JDK
✓ Android SDK
✗ Android target: Android SDK not found. Make sure that it is installed. If it is not at the default location, set the ANDROID_HOME environment variable.
✓ Gradle

I try several things like running meteor on root, install android different versions, added the android on the PATH.

If someone know why is this error, please help.

Thank you!!!

How did you install the Android SDK? Did you install Android Studio, complete the configuration wizard, and download SDK Platform API 22?

I download the stand-alone from here:

And yes, I install the SDK Platform API 22. Only the SDK Platform.

Did you also create a virtual device? Android Studio does this for you, but you’ll have to do it yourself if you use the stand-alone installation.

No… XD

Let me do that and I inform you about the results.