Error running the Counter example on Android


My first attempt to run on Android here. Running from Ubuntu under vmware. Installed software on Ubuntu as per the manual; then did

meteor run android-device.

Got this on the server:

I20150704-09:54:25.513(-7) (android:http://meteor.local/cordova.js:955) Uncaught Error: Error calling method on NPObject.

On the client, got the Counter app, but no actual counter:

  Welcome to Meteor!
  [Click Me]
  You've pressed the button times

I am very new to Android development, so don’t know where to debug from here.


Bump! Meteor team, please help! I am still stuck here. BTW, how do you debug Meteor client on Android?


Please post your device and version of android. Otherwise it is difficult to diagnose the issue.


Model: LG-D800
Android 4.4.2
kernel version 3.4.0

Thank you!


Did you use the guide to istall android on ubuntu?

Running meteor run android-device should log the output to your terminal.


Yes I did …


What packages are you using? Maybe there are conflicting packages.

Did you run the project right after you created it? If not some code of yours is trying to access an external plugin or interface which is not recognized by your browser, thus the NPObject error.

Maybe adding snippets of your code here might help.


It’s just the default template created by

meteor create

No custom changes, no extra packages, nothing.

(Unless global npm could mess things up? I’ve installed mup globally and perhaps something else)


In that case i do not now what could be causing your problem.

I don’t think global npm modules should be your problem, and mup neither (although i don’t use mup myself).

Have you tried creating the project again?