Error: The keyword 'await' is reserved

I’ve suddenly started getting errors like this when building:
While building for os.linux.x86_64:
imports/api/myfile.js:76:66: The keyword ‘await’ is reserved (76:66)

Someone asked this question about the same error on StackOverflow at:

They solved the problem by just removing .babelrc. I’d really like to keep my .babelrc for other plugins that I’m using.

Does anyone know what’s causing this error and how to resolve it? The SO poster thinks it’s due to a Node upgrade, but I’m on an earlier Node version and still getting the error.

Edit: The same SO question was also asked at The keyword ‘await’ is reserved
I am not using ‘await’ as a variable name in my code. I am only using await as a keyword.

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Any solutions on this? I’m getting errors using “await” with the Apollo Server