Error: There are multiple templates named 'loginButtons'



I’m trying to use meteor with angular and semantic-ui. I installed the packages of accounts ‘accounts-password’ and ‘iandouglas:accounts-ui-semantic-ui’ but with this two packs the app does not show a login form… so I installed too the package of angular ‘dotansimha:accounts-ui-angular’ and seems works… but in the console appear the error message: “Error: There are multiple templates named ‘loginButtons’.”

Any ideia how fix this? Or I did everythig wrong?



Did you remove the unused accounts-ui packages?


Yes, the only accounts packages are accounts-password, dotansimha:accounts-ui-angular and iandouglas:accounts-ui-semantic-ui


Yea, that might be the problem. Since you have dotansimha:accounts-ui-angular and iandouglas:accounts-ui-semantic-ui. Both of these packages come with a loginButton template.
See here and here. So you have to remove one of them to avoid the error message.